Your Amazing Digestion: From Mouth through Intestine (hardcover)

Your Amazing Digestion: From Mouth through Intestine (hardcover)

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Dr. Joanne Settel has all the answers to our most burning questions in this wacky and informative book of poems about our digestive systems.

Have you ever wondered…
Why spicy foods can make you sweat?
Why garlic makes your breath so stinky?
Just how long your long intestine is?
What a pizza slice looks like…going down?
Why food tastes different when you have a cold?

With fascinating details, catchy rhymes, and quirky illustrations by Steve Björkman, acclaimed author Joanne Settel answers all of these questions (and more!) in this engrossing, fun exploration of the science of our digestive systems. When she’s through, you won’t believe what your guts can do—or what you can stomach!

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