Condition of Books

Each product listing in the online shop includes a description of the quality of the book. We carefully assess each book’s condition and will always note if there is a flaw or mark on the book. If you ever have a question about a specific book’s condition, get in touch! We are always more than willing to give you more information before you make a purchase. That said, here’s a rundown of the kinds of books you will find at Wit’s End.


The book is brand new!

Publisher's Excess (with or without mark)

The book is unread and guaranteed to be in like-new condition. The books in these photos are all Publisher’s Excess, for example! They all have that new book smell and the spine cracks just like a brand-new book. Some of these remaindered books feature a discreet line or dot along the top or bottom pagination, and we will always make a note in the description if this is the case.


This book has been pre-loved and has been inspected to ensure excellent quality. It is still in wonderful condition and is simply looking for its next home.

Slightly Imperfect

The book has a small flaw. (But don’t we all?) It might sport a minor battle scar, like a small tear in the dust jacket, or a dented cover. Publisher’s excess and used books can both have a slight imperfection, and these items come at a steep discount! We will always note exactly what the flaw is. Rest assured, the book will never be in fragile or icky condition.